Classy Table Decoration Ideas For Independence Day 29
Classy Table Decoration Ideas For Independence Day 29

35 Classy Table Decoration Ideas For Independence Day

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The 4th of July is on the horizon with celebration soon to follow. With rise of environmental consciousness, the challenge is now finding ways to party in a green fashion. Be assured there are alternatives that will not impede on any fun that can be had while remaining economically sound supporting our pursuit for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Simply incorporate any of the following tips and be surprised how simple having a eco-friendly Independence Day can be.

Bring reusable dishware and utensils

Though it may seem obvious, disposable cups and plates produce a lot of waste. True, they are handy and convenient. Still, at the end of the day, any materials not recycled pile up in a trash area. Instead, invite your guests to bring their own dishware. In the Middle Ages it was common practice for guests to supply their own dishes should the host not have enough to accommodate everyone. The mix of plates in a myriad of colors, designs and themes can also add another dimensions to the party.

Try using the bamboo plates for a uniform look. Bamboo is a natural material that is attractive to boot. They are also, once washed, completely safe for reuse.

Green up your Grilling

There are few people who don’t enjoy a good BBQ and with the warm weather, Independence Day is the perfect occasion to grill. Still, the smoke exhaust from the burning coals release a variety of toxins and chemicals that harm the environment. This year, go for the organic charcoal options on the market instead and sacrifice none of the effectiveness. To take green grilling a step further, invest in a natural gas barbecue. These exude less energy then your average grill as well.

Lighten up with local produce

Pass on the processed foods and go for natural, locally grown produce. They are a great alternative to the typical chips, dip and processed cheese plus they are far more healthy. As a separate benefit, food bought locally doesn’t have to endure long travels by air, train or in boats which lowers the amount of carbon being released into the air.

Travel in a pack

One of the oldest tricks in the book, carpooling also save the emissions of hazardous gasses but it is a fantastic way to get the party started early. Encourage guests that live close to each other to ride together. Not only green, this is a great ways to talk and socialize. The conversations created in the travel will spill into the party making the event that much more interesting.

Hold onto your decorations

Whether you are spending your 4th of July at an outside setting or making plans at home, save your decorations for the future. Afterall, Independence Day comes around every year so why not take advantage of the elaborate pieces purchased, created and collected down the line. That sea of red, white and blue table settings, streamers and table cloths will be just as fantastic next year.

Ditch the water bottles for water jugs

Keep a large refillable water jug handy as opposed to handing out water bottles. The amount of waste saved is incredible. There are many stylish options on the market like those provided at catering events. Seek a beverage unit that has an attached ice compartment for keeping the liquid cool throughout the day.

Leave it to the pros

Rather then setting off your own fireworks, check local listings for places having firework displays. Not only will it save on the amount of gun power dispersed, you and your family can be dazzled by the elaborate light show from a big organization.


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