Fabulous Children Bedroom Decoration Ideas That Look More Enjoyable 37
Fabulous Children Bedroom Decoration Ideas That Look More Enjoyable 37

37 Fabulous Children Bedroom Decoration Ideas That Look More Enjoyable

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Whether you are decorating a nursery for your very first child or overhauling the nursery for your growing toddler or creating a big kids room for your child to grow into, these 3 tips will ultimately save you time, money and (to put it bluntly) sanity.

There is nothing wrong with updating your child’s bedroom décor and nothing wrong with wanting it to be perfect. Keep in mind, your child’s first bedroom look or second or third, will not be the last and if the budget is tight, you may want to make sure that future updates are easy and affordable.

But don’t worry, all this can be accomplished by keeping these easy kids bedroom decorating tips in mind:

Walls – When you see those adorable nursery pictures in magazines of wallpaper patterns that look so inviting, just flip through the pages, admire the rooms wallpapered from floor to ceiling, then put the magazine down and walk away.

Wallpaper is tough to put up and excruciating to get down. If you plan on decorating yourself, you will not want to spend the hours and days stripping glue from your walls. Even if you hire someone to do the tough work, it will be long and expensive. Just say no. Instead, take a trip to your local paint store and select a bright and vibrant color for your child’s bedroom walls.

You can even mix it up with painting opposing walls complementing colors. Try wall mural kits or the fantastically easy peel and stick wall decals that can be removed and rearranged over and over again. Select high-quality, colorful artwork to adorn your child’s bedroom walls. Hanging artwork and wall-hangings are easy to replace as your child grows and her tastes change.

Window Treatments -If your budget won’t allow for lavish, expensive window treatments, draperies and curtains, you can opt for a simple white window panel or blinds and decorate around it. Create a window border with a hand painted design or with peel and stick wall appliqués.

If you love the look of curtains, simply install a basic curtain rod, select a fantastic fabric and drape a swap from the rod to give the window the drapery look without all the fuss. Later on as you update your child’s bedroom look, simply select a new fabric for your swag or paint over the decorative borders.

Childrens’ Bedroom Furniture – Quality children’s bedroom furniture is expensive. It may seem like a huge cost to purchase a crib and all the bedding and accessories just to have your child outgrow it in about two years. It may cost a bit more at the outset, but cribs that transform into toddler beds and then big kid beds ultimately save you money.

Especially if you intend to purchase a matching bedroom set with dresser, nightstand and other pieces in the same style, you will want to ensure the bed will grow with your child. If you invest in a quality wood and beautiful style for your child’s furniture, it is easy to update the bedroom look with new bedding, shams, pillows and accessories that are less expensive.


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