Casual Yellow Brick Home Decor Ideas For Front Door To Try 35
Casual Yellow Brick Home Decor Ideas For Front Door To Try 35

35 Casual Yellow Brick Home Decor Ideas For Front Door To Try

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When you bought your track home, especially if it was your first home, no doubt you were thrilled to call it your own and you probably started personalizing it right away on the inside. But now that the inside is just like you want, are you thinking about renovating the exterior just a bit to make it work better for you?

For many mass built homes, situating the home on the lot is done just by determining which particular home fits on which lot. This often results in less than perfect orientation.

Most likely it never occurred to you that the location of the front door would be a problem. Although track homes are great starter homes for young families; quite often the size of the lot and the location of the garage hide the front door from visitors.

How can you tell it is a problem? Well, here are some dead give-aways. Do first time visitors wander around your front yard looking for the door and end up peeking into the windows by mistake?

Does the UPS guy leave your package on the lawn because he doesn’t want to spend one second longer than necessary to find the door? Do people ever go to your back door by mistake, leaving you embarrassed that they walked by your laundry to do so?

Then maybe it is time to think about renovating your entry way to make it shout ‘here is the front entrance!’ without signs and arrows.

It is not as hard as it sounds. Certain architectural features lead people to where you want them to go, such as archways, arbors, gates and wide decorative walkways.

If your garage is the first thing people see when they pull into your driveway, there are a number of simple ways to steer guests to your front door. Adding an arch over the walk is one way or a maybe a fancy ornamental wrought iron gate across the sidewalk.

A really simple and easy way to make the door stand out is to paint it a bright color that is a complementary (opposite) color of the house. Without looking garish, complimentary colors speak ‘look at me’; such as a yellow door on a blue house or visa versa.

Installing a simple arbor with plants growing over the top is another entrance announcing feature. Make sure the arbor is strong enough to support the plant you choose.

If your walk to your front door is gray concrete, look into the many options for decorative concrete. This does not mean you have to tear up the concrete walk and replace it.

There are many surface treatments that can make your walk look like brick, flagstone, pavers, cobblestone and more. There are also many stains available to change that standard gray color into something with more pizazz.

Another option is adding texture to your existing walk. From a simple swirled texture to a pebble finish, this is another way to make the walk look like it is going somewhere important.


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