Magnificient Outdoor Shower Design Ideas To Have Asap 22
Magnificient Outdoor Shower Design Ideas To Have Asap 22

33 Magnificient Outdoor Shower Design Ideas To Have Asap

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Shower enclosures can be portable or stationary. Stationary enclosures, surprisingly, add a level of excitement to your landscape. There are many ways to design them. Here are a few design tips.

Fence Enclosures

Most shower enclosures are just a fence with a gate. It is the most economical way to build an enclosure. You can expect to pay around $35.00 per linear foot to a contractor to build the enclosure.

Wood Enclosures

Wood is one of the best choices. It is elegant, but more importantly it connects you with nature. Avoid any products made of plastic; like vinyl. Vinyl and plastic enclosures scream man made. The purpose of landscaping is to rejuvenate your emotions. The way to do this is to connect with nature. So, please, avoid vinyl and plastic products.

Don’t choose pressure treated wood. It will not only contaminate the surroundings, but it doesn’t look natural. Pick cedar or redwood. Make the fence stand out by using elegant post caps, larger than average posts (6*6), and trim work.

Don’t stain the fence any color, but clear. Natural high quality wood is more beautiful than any stain you can buy.

Stone Base

Use stone for the shower base. Probably, the best choices are select pieces of flagstone. Select pieces are larger than normal. They look much nicer and stay in place better. In addition, there are less cracks to deal with. Another secret to flagstone is the use of polmeric sand. It’s a specially formulated sand that dries hard like concrete. It’s a good product to use between the flagstone pieces because water can’t water can’t wash it away and it looks like real sand.

Again, if you are thinking about concrete; think again. To connect with nature, it must be natural.

Shower Drainage

You will need to install a drain in your shower base. To do so, simply dig a trench two feet deep and slope it so the water goes away from the shower into a safe place. Determine where the end of the water should drain. You have some options here. You could have it drain into a hole filled with gravel, hook it into the sewer line, or just have the pipe lay in the ground. It all depends on the frequency of your shower use and the costs you are willing to incur.

Final Tips

Outdoor showers have three purposes. To help you connect with nature and people and, of course, to get clean. Any design you pick should blend in with the landscape. The shower should be close enough to your home that you will use it often. Finally, there is a romantic element to outdoor showers. The enclosure should promote nature, romance, and fun.


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