Comfy Bookshelves Design Ideas To Enhance The Beauty Of Your Family Room 44
Comfy Bookshelves Design Ideas To Enhance The Beauty Of Your Family Room 44

44 Comfy Bookshelves Design Ideas To Enhance The Beauty Of Your Family Room

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If you have a need for bookshelves in your office and a bit of a Do-it-Yourself prowess, there is no reason why you cannot build your own bookshelves. Many people tend to take care of items that they have built better than items that they buy from their local big box store.

Another advantage is that you are not limited to any set design, you can build your shelving system as big or as small as you want, enabling it to fit in any space that you desire. Your bookshelves are also likely to last longer since most people who build their own tend to build them out of strong wood rather than particle board, which is common in manufactured items.

If you are ready to build your own shelves, here are the typical materials you will need and basic instructions on how to get started.

Materials You Will Need

Building bookshelves does not take many materials at all, it is a rather simple process. The most important part of designing them is to ensure that you have a plan in place. This includes measurements so that you can build the shelves to fit within a particular space. Once you have the measurements and a diagram made up, the rest is easy.

  • Wood – You can choose any kind of wood for your project but be sure to buy wood that is steady and able to carry the weight of your storage. Regardless of what you plan to store on the shelves, it is important to ensure that the wood you choose is able to bear large loads as we all tend to overload our bookshelves at one point or another.
  • Screws – you want to buy screws that are designed to hold up to construction level work as well. There are many different kinds of screws on the market and depending upon the size of your bookshelves will determine the size of the screws you need.
  • Construction Adhesive – despite the fact that you will be using screws,¬†construction grade adhesive¬†can help take the strain off the screws and hold your wood together with more efficiency. Always start by gluing your projects together and use the screws for additional support.

Once you have constructed your bookshelves according to your specifications, it is important to let the adhesive dry and let the shelves settle prior to using them. Consider staining the wood to give your shelves a professional look and then sit back and enjoy your creation.


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