Magnificient Diy Projects Ideas To Make Patio More Fun 33
Magnificient Diy Projects Ideas To Make Patio More Fun 33

33 Magnificient Diy Projects Ideas To Make Patio More Fun

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Don’t look to just inside the house for home-improvement projects. Check outside with your patio or deck too. Either one of these could stand some attention as they age. When these sections of your home get older the materials they are made from can breakdown or in the case of decks their support system can wear out. This can cause other damage to happen.

So you need to periodically check these areas for signs of problems. Then decide whether they just need to be repaired or actually need to be replaced. Each one has its own age issues that can happen. So let’s look further into what can be done in each of these areas.


Concrete patios can get cracks in them, because of the ground settling under it or other forces. If the cracks are not massive you can patch the crack yourself with a minimum of problems. You just need to get concrete patch to do the job. This is a finer concrete than you use for bigger projects. You just mix up according to instructions.

If your patio is made up of individual bricks or stones and the sand (or crushed rocks) underneath them has washed away or eroded in some other means then this is a more time consuming project. The bricks will need to come up so that the sand (or crushed rocks) underneath can be redone.

Now if you are not handy with your hands you may want to call in the professionals. The sand (or crushed rocks) will have to be leveled off again along with some being added possibly. Also new landscape fabric may need to be laid over this foundation too for the purpose of keeping out weeds. Now place the bricks back down in their formation and make sure they are level. Then fill in the cracks with more sand. Use a broom to sweep the sand into the cracks to make sure they are filled completely.


Over the years wood decks can age and become dangerous even. So it is important to keep them in good shape. The support structure of the deck should be replaced if there are any cracks in the wood at all. Decks should also be attached securely to your house. So check and make sure is, if not it needs to be addressed. Any of the boards that have worn too much on other areas should be replaced. Decks have come away from the houses they were on and collapsed with people on them. People have been hurt.

If you are handy with your hands there is no reason you can’t refurbish your deck yourself. You can find out how from your home-improvement store locally or even on the Internet. Yes, if your budget allows you can call in a professional to fix your deck. If the aging and/or damage are too severe, then the deck will have to be replaced.


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